• Makenzie

    Account Executive, x204

    Makenzie is one of our account executives and also the album department manager. She'll make any process at the studio easy and enjoyable. With a degree in communications from Miami University and previous event marketing experience, she's a great asset to the studio.

  • Nikki

    Project Manager, x202

    Nikki is our newest Project Manager. While studying at UCLA she pursued her passion for the Wedding Industry and moved to New York City to continue her career. She brings a fresh West Coast enthusiasm to the studio.

  • Libby

    Senior Photo Editor, x218

    Libby is our resident photography guru. From shooting to editing and everything in between, Libby brings out the absolute best in every image she touches. Prior to joining the Studio, Libby worked as a photographer and photo editor on Nantucket.

  • Hayley

    Photo Editor, x205

    Hayley is our Assistant Photo Editor, here to make your wedding day look amazing. She does everything from editing to retouching and even acts as our editorial liaison. Prior to working here she was a producer for Victoria’s Secret and received a degree in Photography from Drexel University in Philadelphia.

  • Farrah

    Album Designer, x217

    Farrah is our album designer who brings great energy to the studio. She’ll work with you to help design a beautiful heirloom piece by highlighting your memorable moments and accentuate your album with amazing details. Farrah came to the studio after studying at Baruch College.

  • Elise


    Elise is our retoucher who adds a magic touch onto all our wedding imagery. She is a graduate from the School of Visual Arts where she received many awards for her work and is also a documentary photographer. Before joining the Christian Oth team she had been working as a freelance retoucher for years, specializing in beauty and fashion.

Meet Our Studio Team

Our photographers are assisted by a diligent client services team, here to support you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on impeccable service and attention to detail, ensuring that your entire experience is just as flawless as your wedding photos.