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The image above I took this past New Year’s Eve. It’s powerful. This is a great couple on all levels. I admire Ann and Scott for their ability...

Light vs Dark Wedding Venues

Wedding venues come in all shapes, sizes and lighting conditions. One of the biggest determining factors as far as photography is concerned are the “dark” venues. New York has a...

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Have you shot here before?

At the studio we are frequently asked, “Have you shot the venue before?” The quick answer is, “It doesn’t really matter.” Whether or not the venue is a brand...

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Where are you getting ready?

The hours I have the most time to be creative with the bride and her wedding party is during the getting ready session before the ceremony. This point is a...

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Move, don’t pose

Being photographed can sometimes be intimidating for those who are not used to being in front of the camera. To take the edge off, staying in motion with your body...

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What to wear when you’re getting ready

Before the wedding ceremony, remember there’s a photographer in the room while the beautification takes place. Want to know how to take those getting-ready photos from a one to...

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Wardrobe Essentials for the Engagement Shoot

There’s no doubt you will be dressed to the nines on your wedding today, but how much thought are we putting towards the wardrobe selection for the engagement shoot?...

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The Engagement Shoot - It’s a necessity

Think of an engagement shoot as if it were a first date with your photographer. You have the opportunity to get to know his/her perspective and shooting-style. In turn,...

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A Posing Primer - give your body shape

We aren’t used to posing in front of a camera. In fact, most of us feel pretty awkward about having our pictures taken. Sure, we have some great selfie...

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Landmark vs Texture

The idea of using a city’s texture versus an obvious landmark as a photo shoot backdrop comes up frequently with my New York City couples. We want to clearly...

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Where will you be between moments?

The location of your wedding is one of the first details to hammer down when planning your Big Day. Once you get that out of the way, we can talk...

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Stay in control of your visuals

Staying in control of the public visual narrative of your wedding day is a topic I want to explore as it is coming up more and more in the iPhone...

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First Things First

Engagement Season is over and you’ve found yourself with a brand new, sparkly piece of jewelry and a fiancé to match. Now what? Engagement Season quickly turns into Planning...

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Rain. Yes, it rains. Even on the Big Day. I’ve seen it happen too many times to count, where the slightest chance of precipitation sends even the calmest bride...

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THE FIRST LOOK - doing it right

You’ve seen First Looks done poorly and absolutely wrong many times. You know the shot - where the groom has his back to the bride and he turns around...

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FIRST LOOK - let me talk you into it

The First Look This very special moment that is unique only to your wedding day. However, when done wrong, the First Look can feel contrived. It also has a certain...

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The Unposed Pose

The Unposed Pose is the combination of all the thought, planning, preparation and creativity that goes into each of my shots. It is part technique and part creative style. It...

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Be a Bride

There’s this one of life’s best moments and lasts for a mere few hours: that is being a bride! Your wedding day is the day when you are...

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Mission Statement

Every time I photograph and edit a shoot, I keep a running list of the good, the bad, the areas of improvement and whatever else I want to remember for...

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iPhone Documentarians

iPhones, Samsungs, Androids. They all have cameras. Really good cameras that are only getting better with each hardware upgrade and software update. The luxury, ease and accessibility of camera phones...

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