Christian Oth Studio is the creative hub that enables photographers, editors and designers come together. As a team we record and create the most beautiful coverage of our client’s milestone events.

Our Flatiron studio is in the heart of New York City. There are ample lunch spots, bars, restaurants and it’s next to Madison Park. It’s easy to get to, thanks to ample subway lines and 2 Citibike stations not a half block away. Some call it the Navel of New York.

We like team players, enthusiasts and go-getters. If you’re creative, this is the place to be.

Photographer Portfolio Submission

We are always looking for talented photographers to add to our crew. If you think you have what it takes please go here.

We review applications once a month.

Portfolio submission

Office Manager


The Office Manager is responsible for maintaining the operational direction of the company. Specifically, the Office Manager directs, administers, and coordinates the internal and external operational activities of the company in accordance with its policies, goals, and objectives as established by the President. The Office Manager oversees the day-to-day management of company’s business and personnel. All staff will report to the Office Manager who will in turn report to the President. The office manager will also aid the President in the company’s strategic and financial goals.

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Photo Retoucher


Our photo retouchers possess excellent post-processing and fine retouching skills. We seek experienced retouchers for work in and out of the studio. This work is ideal for retouchers who like to work part-time from home.

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