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Christian Oth


"Purely from a photography standpoint, a wedding is like candyland. You have people that look the best they've ever looked, and so much selection and care has gone into every detail. You can point the camera anywhere and it's beautiful. I love that -- that's where the joy lies."

There's a reason American Photo named Christian Oth one of the world's ten best wedding photographers: His experience in fashion, photojournalism, portraiture, advertising, and still life combines into a singular method that has come to define the aesthetic of contemporary wedding photography. For more than a decade, Christian's authentic, evocative approach to shooting a couple's wedding has refined the discipline into an art-form -- a process that continues to evolve with every client. "My photographers and I have a darting eye that's constantly scanning the room. But we don't walk in with preconceived notions. I like to come up with new shots, to open up to new visual stimulation. It's out there if you know where to look."

Christian established his namesake studio in 2005, beginning with a space on Seventh Avenue in Chelsea and, as business grew, moving to the studio's current location in 2011. But it was really in 2002 that Christian first pointed his lens at the subject of weddings, initially for an intimate group of friends and then for New York City at large as the appeal of his unique style gained momentum. "Having been at a lot of weddings, I know what might be happening next. So when the time comes, I know that you need to be in just the right spot. And not to put the camera down -- a lot of my best shots are those beautiful in-between moments."

As a high schooler growing up in South Africa, Christian's love for photography started at the age of 16, although it wasn't until he arrived in New York City at 19 that Christian met professional photographers and began taking classes at their encouragement. "I just wanted to do it -- I felt like I should be a photographer. Once you start seeing the world in pictures, you frame things with your eyes with a higher consciousness of your surroundings. I love that I can see things in a certain way, whether I have a camera or not."

Beyond weddings, Christian also shoots editorial for a variety of clients, including Vogue, New York Magazine, Apple, Forbes, The New York Times Magazine, American Photo, Martha Stewart Weddings, O Magazine, Canon, and U.S. News. "You never know who you're going to shoot next. I've meet pretty amazing people, and I connect with them all, so who wouldn't love that?"