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Glen Allsop


"My way of doing things is a little different— it's relaxed and hands-off, particularly when it comes to shooting portraits. I’m well aware that people get nervous as they are not accustomed to being in front of the camera. I work instinctively, shoot fast and facilitate a circumstance that is going to feel most authentic for the couple— a glimpse into who you truly are, and what your unique narrative is. At the end of the day it’s not about me - I’m simply there to capture the atmosphere of your day and to tell your story in an intimate, beautiful way"

Ever even-keeled & with an artful sensibility, Glen shoots weddings with the rare talent of keeping the bride and groom calm despite the excitement of their day. With a particular love of street photographers William Klein and Elliot Erwitt, Glen has mastered the intricacies of light & shadow, endlessly in pursuit of the perfectly imperfect iconic photograph. Straight lines and ideal composition are overrated. Authenticity is key. “It has to be fresh, it has to be done fast - because the best moments don’t often linger long enough for you to adjust your camera settings or change a lens.”

Across all of his subjects, it's important for Glen to create an emotional connection to what he captures, never more so than during a wedding. "I love meeting my clients. I love listening to what excites them, what they adore about each other and what they are most nervous about. Weddings are full of such raw emotions and dynamics that I am forever grateful to be invited into such a sacred celebration. The perfect puzzle of elements - people, details, moments - are laid out and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to piece them together into a unique story through image."

Before coming to New York, Glen made a name for himself as a photographer in Sydney, Australia. His range of work is diverse & varied, including fashion campaigns on the streets of Italy, illustrious dinners in private estates and artful skateboarding editorials. The diversity of his subjects and locations belies the assured consistency with which Glen articulates his unique aesthetic of any atmosphere in front of his lens.