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Guy Calaf


"I think it takes a certain kind of personality to do what we do. Someone willing to go all in, to go deep, to take risks. Because it's not about coverage -- we will get all the moments -- it's about finding and nurturing the moments that truly represent the intensity of the day."

Guy photographs with a deep empathy toward his subjects, be it in the emotional environment of a wedding or the conflict-ridden terrain of Iraq and Afghanistan. Whatever the assignment, Guy's style demonstrates a profound appreciation for aesthetics learned through his experience in fashion and fine art photography. "I photograph everything with the same respect and devotion. I am a student of humanity."

Raised between New York and Milan, Guy earned a degree in Communication Science from an Italian University, as well as completing a two-year professional photography course in Milan. In 2004, an assignment for Le Figaro' Magazine photographing school children in Darfur sparked his career focus on social issues, leading him to places like Somalia and Nigeria. Guy's work has been featured in Time Magazine, GQ, The New York Times, Marie Claire, National Geographic, and Italian Vanity Fair. He has received several Pictures of the Year International recognitions, as well as from PDN's Photo Annual. "In my photographs I am not going to show you what happened. I am going to show you what I saw. And for me, seeing is feeling."