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Shawn Connell


"I record what unfolds before me in a low-key way, concentrating on the moment and making each image as beautiful as possible. What I enjoy most about wedding photography is the excitement of never knowing what's going to happen next and what images you'll find."

Bringing an expert's understanding of lighting and composition to his work with weddings, Shawn's photos fuse an editorial style with a photojournalistic approach. Now an iconic wedding within the studio's portfolio, Shawn was selected to shoot one outré bride's 18th-century period celebration in a French chateau, which he says was a welcome challenge. "It's very rare that someone wants those kinds of images and allows you to do whatever you want. The crazier the job -- where you, say, take over half a castle -- the more I find it photographically enjoyable."

Beginning his career at the age of 15, Shawn started out working for some of Australia's top creative and advertising agencies. Later coming to New York, he honed his talent for fashion editorial while assisting a world-famous photographer. Today, much of his work focuses on weddings that take him abroad. "Everything from the logistics of getting into the country to the location scouting keeps it very fresh. Different light. Different things to inspire you. You start to know New York, so it's nice to be thrown into a new place and only have 24 hours to come up with the most beautiful images you can."