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Alison Mayfield


With a love of fashion photography and portraiture and a past in sports photography, this background provides the perfect canvas to capturing the style and spark in wedding days and at any event, Alison is on it.


Australian native Alison Mayfield's boundless talent was recognized early when at age 17 she won a scholarship to one of the country's most prestigious arts schools. She graduated with high honors, and her work was featured in an exhibition of promising young artists.

As a professional photographer, Alison has created a wonderfully diverse portfolio. She's shot fashion for Australia's top studios and sports for ski and snowboard giants Billabong, K2, Mambo and Rossignol. She photographed the 2006 Australian snowboard team and was a regular contributor to Australian Skiing, Australian Snowboarder and many other snowboard magazines. Alison combined photographing her friends (up-and-coming ski and snowboarding stars), traveling, and having fun around the globe’s yearlong ski season into spectacular photography work.

Her mastery of high-speed film, though rarely used at weddings, means Alison knows how to capture the energy of the day. She beautifully balances the still and motion shots – to capture the magic of the day – as every wedding has moments of tranquility and of celebration.

Based in New York, Alison has been exploring portraiture through her recent adventures throughout Central and South America. Always with a bright smile on her face, Alison’s laughter lightens up any room.


Alison's clients and editorial credits include: Billabong, Bolle, Mambo, Rossignol, K2 Snowboards, K@Ski, Mountain Designs, Snowboarder Magazine, Austrailian/New Zealand Snowboarding, Chillfactor, Powderhound, Australian Skiing, New York Magazine Weddings, among others.

“Weddings are so much fun to be involved with! No two are the same. It is a representation of a couple, who they are, there style and charisma. That to me, is so exciting to capture! The energy, the moments, without interruption. It is a part of life that will be kept for ever, frozen in time, remembered over and over again, the moments, the fashion, the family and friends, the good times. To be a part of this special day, and to provide them with an amazing fine art book telling their story, is something that truly makes my job so special.” --Alison Mayfield