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Carolyn Monastra


"Since I was young I have always been interested in storytelling. Being an English major in college fueled that passion and now I use my camera to uncover and tell other people's stories. I get inspired hearing my clients' anecdotes about how they met. It is important to me to make meaningful connections even before the wedding and I think that sets people at ease on their big day."

Rooted in the worlds of street photography, landscapes, and portraiture, Carolyn's approach to wedding photography reflects her passion for fine art. With a personal style that strives to capture those quiet, intimate scenes between the milestone moments of a wedding day, Carolyn's images create an ethereal, dreamy feel, particularly when she shoots during twilight. "It's one of my favorite times of day to photograph because it's a romantic, magical time."

Carolyn's interest in photography began in the basement darkroom of her childhood home near the Cleveland Institute of Art, which led her to pursue a BA in English Literature at Fordham University and an MFA in Photography at the Yale University School of Art. Her work has been exhibited in many corners of the world, including Ireland and China as well as in shows throughout the US. For the past eighteen years, Carolyn has been based in New York City, a place that continues to inspire her work. "I'm always seeing new things. Sometimes I'll be walking with friends and I'll just stop on the street and wonder 'Where is that incredible light coming from?' I always try to be aware of what's happening outside of the frame."