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Michael Falco


"It's about allowing a bride and groom to enjoy the easiest, greatest day of their life without having to stop them -- I'm anticipating what will happen next and positioning myself to be there without affecting the picture at all. I'm capturing the moment in a very natural, candid way."

An award-winning photographer, Michael centers his approach around a documentary style that captures his subjects in an honest, familiar light. Shooting a wide range of people from celebrities to salt miners, Michael has become an expert at putting his subjects at ease in front of the camera -- a valuable asset in crafting genuinely beautiful wedding images. "I've been in this business for a long time and you come to know the wedding photographers for whom this is just a job. For us at Christian Oth Studio, it's a life."

As a frequent contributor to The New York Times, many of Michael's photos have become iconic around the world, including his images of 9/11. One of Michael's photos is the central focus in a large-scale glass mural that graces the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, and in 2009 he published "Caddell Dry Dock: 100 years Harborside" to document one of New York Harbor's last remaining ship repair yards. Currently, Michael is working on a long-term project documenting Civil War battlefields from the artistically raw point of view of a pin-hole camera. "All of my photos are influenced by the disciplines of fine art and photojournalism. It's the wonder of the still image capturing something in a second -- but also doing it in a way that draws the subject in -- that has a larger meaning for me."