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Sue Kessler


"Photographing weddings is a wonderful balancing act. I instinctually capture the event through a couple's lens- one that tells their story in a truthful and natural way. But I'm also an artist, so it's important to bring my aesthetic eye to the coverage. When everything comes together, I deliver images that are artistic, honest, and timeless."

Sue's wedding photography is informed by her experience shooting live performance, fashion, and art, disciplines that have much in common with the once-in-a-lifetime production of a couple's unique celebration. From behind the camera, Sue views weddings as an intimate look at the values and traditions that bring a family together. "I think everyone expresses through their wedding not only their personality and style, but what is most important to them."

Starting from a young age, Sue followed her love of fine art photography and design to Skidmore College, where she became the principal photographer for both the Theater and Dance departments. Beyond the lens, Sue has continued to develop a career in performance as an actor, director, and musician. She even co-founded a performing arts space in Brooklyn called The Bushwick Starr to provide emerging talent with a venue to break into New York's diverse arts scene.