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may 07 2014

Portfolio Series CXI

written by: Christian Oth

Here's a great shot by my assistant, Francisco Bravo. He has been my assistant for a good while now and travels everywhere with me. Francisco's also a very talented photographer and he's starting to shoot as well. I do like his eye - how he sees and frames some very unusual angles.

 - Christian Oth of Christian Oth Studio


april 02 2014

Portfolio Series CX

written by: Christian Oth

We're updating Sue's portfolio with this photo today. I like the thought behind the composition - normally we'd be tighter to the subjects, but here the length of the columns really makes this shot.

 - Sue Kessler of Christian Oth Studio


march 04 2014

Portfolio Series CIX

written by: Christian Oth

Today we're featuring this "explosive" shot by Andrew from a recent wedding in St. Martin.  

Be sure to check out his full portfolio here!

 - Andrew Kelly of Christian Oth Studio


february 25 2014

Portfolio Series CVIII

written by: Christian Oth

This shot just shouts out happiness.  Photographed in Washington, D.C. in January, no less.  Michael Falco is the lensmaster here.  I love this couple!

 - Michael Falco of Christian Oth Studio


february 14 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

written by: Christian Oth
Here at the studio, we get to witness and capture love on a daily basis - we seriously do.  In honor of Valentine's Day and to take our minds off this winter we've been having, we'll take any excuse to look through some of our favorite engagement photos.  I hope these images bring you warmth and remind you that spring is just around the corner!

 - Michael Falco of Christian Oth Studio - Michael Falco of Christian Oth Studio
 - Shawn Connell of Christian Oth Studio - Shawn Connell of Christian Oth Studio - Shawn Connell of Christian Oth Studio
 - Christian Oth of Christian Oth Studio - Carolyn Monastra of Christian Oth Studio


february 11 2014

Portfolio Series CVII

written by: Christian Oth

I absolutely love how Jack was able to capture this bird's eye view during a stunning wedding we shot in Egypt last year.  Having both Shawn and I there made it possible for Jack to position himself over the action and set the scene perfectly - you can even see us in the shot!

 - Jack Jeffries of Christian Oth Studio


january 28 2014

Portfolio Series CVI

written by: Christian Oth

Been a bit on hiatus here on the blog, but alas we shall continue our venerable Portfolio Series! Too many great images that deserve the prime spot.  Our emerging photographer (well, by our standards), Andrew Kelly, had the good sense to capture this beautiful shot. I will make you guess which building this granite belongs to... Hint: an item in the shot may have been inside it before!

 - Andrew Kelly of Christian Oth Studio


december 20 2013

Happy Holidays from Christian Oth Studio!

written by: Christian Oth

I thought we'd end the year with a stunning winter bridal portrait by Shawn Connell shot recently in Central Park.  

Warmest wishes this holiday season from all of us at the studio.

 - Shawn Connell of Christian Oth Studio


december 17 2013

Portfolio Series CV

written by: Christian Oth

This beautiful shot was taken by Sue Kessler as the couple headed to the reception of a recent Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding.  Such a nice, quiet moment between the newlyweds before the party got started!

 - Sue Kessler of Christian Oth Studio


december 10 2013

Portfolio Series CIV

written by: Christian Oth

I love the unique composition of this shot.  Shawn found a way to use creative layering and really captured the moment from the guests' perspective.

 - Shawn Connell of Christian Oth Studio


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