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A Posing Primer - give your body shape

Christian Oth

We aren’t used to posing in front of a camera. In fact, most of us feel pretty awkward about having our pictures taken. Sure, we have some great selfie poses (or just the one), but what if we want to go beyond it?

If you hire a great photographer, they will have a ton of tricks in their tool bag to get you looking your best. Nonetheless, us photographers love it when our subjects are in tune with their outer selves so we can capture each couple’s authenticity in each of our shots.

Here are some basic tricks that will have you looking great in front of any camera. Yes, even if a non-photographer friend or stranger on the street takes your picture with an iPhone.


Start by putting more weight on one foot. Angle one knee ever-so-slightly and turn it in front of the other leg. Make your hip turn in the opposite direction as your knee. Practice this pose in front of a mirror and you will love what you see. Soon enough, your body will go into autopilot as soon as you see a camera or the back of someone’s smartphone.

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