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Window Light

Glen Allsop

Photographers need light, it’s what they work with. There can be too much of it, like harsh noon sunlight or too little—but it’s definitely the most important ingredient (a great subject is however equally important!). It takes a photographer years of training and hands-on experience to find, and recognize, the best possible light sources. The right kind of light will make a big difference in how a couple looks in their wedding photos.

This is the series’ first post on the subject of light. It’s so important to the studio that sometimes our photographers will choose one location over another (depending on the time of day) and this can influence how a wedding day may flow.

But first, let’s talk about window light:

It’s no secret that some of the most beautiful light is window lighting—especially to photograph a face. This window is where natural light usually enters a room. Painters know it and great portrait photographers do too.

The closer you are to a window, the more it acts like a soft source of light, particularly when there’s no direct sunlight hitting it. Conversely, it’s also a great light to photograph against as it enters the room. This will help create an almost ethereal look.

With window light we have the “the bigger, the better” scenario and it makes a huge difference! For a great bridal portrait, we’re not just talking about a regular window, but ideally we’d like a floor to ceiling window.
If you’re looking for incredible wedding photographs, select a room or suite with the largest windows, preferably ones that you can stand in front of. You won’t regret it!

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