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Destination Weddings: who to hire locally and who to fly in?


Not everyone needs to be flown in. Here's a list of who I'd consider important to fly in and who to hire at your location

Fly In

Photographer: Of course, you should fly in your photographer. This shouldn’t be a question. You generally find the top photographers in top city markets. Most tend to be urban dwellers who are immersed in culture and the latest happenings. With top markets having international airports—it’s easy for your photographer to travel afar for your wedding. Personally, we like to leave New York and shoot in new locations.

Hair and Makeup: Please do not hire locally, unless your destination wedding is happening in a top market. Think the Bahamas or Antigua—your options for hair and makeup may be limited in locations like these.

Event Design: I suggest bringing your wedding decor and designers. Otherwise your designs may be from 20 years ago. There are exceptions here, so do your research.

Hire Locally:

Catering: When in Italy or France—go with local caterers. I’ve shot weddings where the couple has sent a New York caterer to consult with the hired team in the South of France. That’s of course an ultra-luxe options and usually not necessary. Don’t forget the local flair. You are getting married in a destination because you want to get married there!

Cake: Wedding cakes are often hard to ship. We suggest going with a local baker—unless you want to splurge. Sometimes the cake or dessert can add a local flair to your wedding day. (Think croquembouche in France!)

Band or DJ: For the entertainment options you can get creative. If you’re getting married in Europe, it may be more efficient to fly in your entertainment from a city like London or Athens. There’s also an opportunity to add a local flair here as well, like hiring flamenco dancers in Spain!

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