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First Things First

Shawn Connell

Engagement Season is over and you’ve found yourself with a brand new, sparkly piece of jewelry and a fiancé to match. Now what? Engagement Season quickly turns into Planning Season as you lock down the most important details of your Big Day.

They key is to prioritize. You will have to balance your creative vision with more practical elements of the planning process like logistical details, availability and accommodations.

Spend some time - yes, more than 5 minutes - deciding what atmosphere you wish to create. Go beyond what is expected and explore all of your options. Then hammer down the details.

Are you a city girl who was born to have a formal affair at the Plaza?

Did you meet during a magical Santorini sunset and wish to recreate that exact scene?

Have you summered in Martha’s Vineyard since you can remember and dream of getting married at your family’s estate?

Once you have your date and venue scheduled, you can enjoy some artistic freedom. A creative emphasis throughout the planning process will make for a memorable wedding for you and all of your guests. The majority of our clients book us right around the same time they book their venue so we can understand your artistic vision from the start. Plus, from a logistical stand point, good photographers tend to book up fast, sometimes even years in advance.

Choosing your photography team is not to be overlooked at the start of your planning process.

The couture appointment will still be there, the wedding bands will still be there, and yes, the cake testing can wait. However, securing your photographer who understands your needs as a bride is a critical component to the beginning of your wedding planning process.

Our expertise in enhancing your vision is the cornerstone of our work. Your creativity is like fuel to our photographers’ fire. Talk to us, collaborate with us - we bring a visual element to your wedding beyond your venue design. So secure the place, date and photography team and watch your dream wedding come to life.

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