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Have you shot here before?

Glen Allsop

At the studio we are frequently asked, “Have you shot the venue before?”

The quick answer is, “It doesn’t really matter.” Whether or not the venue is a brand new location for us or we have been there over a dozen times, the images will always have a unique vibe that set them apart from others taken at the same place at a different time.

As artists, we get high off new venues such as the Amanzoe resort in Porto Heli, Greece. Discovery gets our creative juices flowing, making the experience more exciting and adventurous for you. Conversely, we have shot at Blue Hill Stone Barns just outside of New York City numerous times yet we manage to always come back with a completely new set of images. There is always something new to discover!

Whether we’ve been there before or not, any photographer worth their salt always do their homework. They will scout your venue as well as speak with the concierge to pinpoint the best backdrops, suites and views. There could always be a surprise in store, such as a newly erected scaffold that might block “that” window light.

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