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Hiring The Right Wedding Day Teams

Shawn Connell

Hiring the right team is one of the most important to-dos before the wedding day. These professionals are the ones that will work tirelessly to ensure your wedding day is absolutely perfect. It’s important that the teams you hire work well together—especially the photo & video teams. On a couple’s wedding day, only one of these teams can direct the couple—there can never be two different directors. Think about how tense it would be if there were two top chefs in the kitchen with only one set of pots. It’s the same principle for a wedding or event. The studio has it’s own cinematographers on staff Anna Davis and Ellie Connell that we recommend and since there needs to be harmony between the photo & video teams, we have made it a practice to approve any external videographers. Remember at the end of the day we want to collaborate and be respectful of one another, while making sure everyone gets the shot!

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