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How Do You Want Your Wedding Photographed?

Christian Oth

I like to ask this question because I’m always interested in the answer. And the most common answer I get is that couples want their wedding covered well, but authentically. The studio has an umbrella term for this called “the unposed pose.” Even if I’m doing fashion-inspired photography, it feels authentic and not too posed.

We take great care to photograph the authentic moments, the candid moments, and the really great in-between moments. Other photographers may lay their camera down at some point, but we won’t. This means I’m attuned to the emotions and the flow of what’s happening all day.

The second most common answer I hear when I ask this question is that the couple wants great portraits or to feel like they’re in a fashion shoot. If that’s what you want, it’s doable, but be prepared to spend more time taking photos. I like to have as much time as possible for these portraits, but want you to know that there’s a limit. I still want you to have a wedding day, not a full-on, all-day photo shoot. In the days or weeks before your wedding, we can shoot as much as you want. One option is to do an e portrait session on the day of your rehearsal dinner or the day after your wedding to get these photos, but on your actual wedding day there should be a balance. Remember that you’re getting married. Yes, your photography is important to spend time on, but it’s not a whole day event. Trust me, it’s all about striking the perfect balance.

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