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How to Choose a Wedding Dress the Camera will Love


How to Choose a Wedding Dress the Camera will Love

An Expert Primer on Choosing a Photo-Worthy Wedding Dress

After shooting hundreds of weddings all over the world, our team knows a thing or two about what makes a wedding dress stand out in an exceptional photograph. From pairing your fashion to your venue, to how to get the most out of your bridal fitting, we’re sharing our top tips for choosing a wedding dress the camera will love.

It’s about the right dress at the right moment.

First off, choose the right dress for the right occasion. After you get engaged, it’s normal to want to go try on dresses immediately. And that’s great! Do dive in to the shopping process to educate yourself about what you like, because brides always tell us how surprised they are by the silhouettes and fabrics they end up falling in love with once they get a chance to try on some options. However, do not be tempted to purchase a dress until you have confirmed your wedding date and venue. In order for the best photos, your dress needs to be seasonally correct, and it needs to make sense with your environment. For example, you wear ball gown when you have your wedding in fall or winter at a big venue with large staircases and lots of marble. Do not wear a ball gown on the beach - I’ve seen it! If you have a wedding on the beach, that’s the polar opposite in terms of style. Choose a wedding dress that is as light as possible, and a dress that you can walk in the sand in. For a warm weather wedding, your dress needs to have a lightness - it works so much better when your fabric echoes your environment. When it comes to color, I don’t think there’s a hard and fast rule. Champagne, ivory, bright white, soft white…color shouldn’t matter at all, it has much more to do with your personal style and how it ties in with the rest of the design of your wedding.

Keep it Fashion Forward

If you’re reading this blog you’re in some sense already “in”. That said, there’s no denying that choosing a wedding dress is as high stakes as shopping gets and you want to make the right choice. It’s tempting to stick to the traditional when you’re thinking about your bridal fashion moment, because no one wants to get it wrong. But I’d encourage you to remember your own sense of style and let your personal style come through in your dress choice. There is no one way to be a bride. There are also so many amazing new bridal designers every year. Our friends at BAZAAR Bride do a great job of highlighting each one, if you’re looking for inspiration.

Choose the right dress for your body type.

Listen to other people, your best friends, take someone you trust with snapping you from all angles when you’re trying on because that’s the best way to get a sense of how something truly looks on you. Remember - on your wedding day you’ll be seen from all angles. Have a friend you trust capture you from every angle in each dress, and then review the photos. When you’re in a wedding dress, it’s always going to be an emotional experience, and that might cloud your judgement just a tiny bit. Having the objective resource of iPhone snaps can be so helpful to help you realize that you love a plunging back, or an off the shoulder neckline, far more than you ever imagined.

Consider a veil.

There are several schools of thought on veils and bridal hair accessories, but if your goal is an incredible bridal portrait, or an image with serious visual drama, always consider a statement veil. It is a universal symbol of a bride in her element, and I think some of the best, most authentic moments include the bridal veil.

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