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How to Style Your Bridesmaids

Glen Allsop

A Deep Dive into Bridesmaid Dresses

One of our team’s favorite moments to photograph on a wedding day is when a bride is spending time with her bridesmaids. Surrounded by those she loves, the moments before a bride walks down the aisle are deeply personal moments that she will always remember. A mix of anticipation, excitement, and a little bit of nerves, a bride’s experience with her bridesmaids is a huge part of making a bride feel like her best self. It’s also a dynamic that makes for some unforgettable photography. After shooting some of the most beautiful weddings in the world, we’ve got a few tips for dressing your bridesmaids that will help your images stand the test of time, as well as make the most important women in your life feel their most beautiful.

Similarly to your wedding dress, think about season, venue, weather.

One trend we’ve seen evolve over the years is the bridesmaid dress - from monochrome mix-and-match to letting your bridesmaids wear whatever they like. Photo research is your best bet when thinking about how to decide on a direction for your bridesmaids style. Season, venue choice, and anticipated weather also impact certain critical elements of deciding which direction to go in - a warm weather destination will preclude heavier fabrics like silk faille, for example. If you’re unsure about general direction, think about the colors that are present in your venue - whether there’s an accent color in the tropical architecture or opt to have their dresses reflect your florals. We’re also a big fan of putting your bridesmaids in white! The result is a serene image that is entirely timeless. Think beyond the traditional idea of dark colors for winter and soft colors for summer. Some of the most beautiful images we’ve seen of bridal parties are when the bridesmaids reflect the environment of the wedding. Think soft colors in Aspen, and romantic florals in the South of France.

Pick a color you love, and then tell your bridesmaids to pick a silhouette they like (Make Pinterest your friend).

Once you decide upon a general direction in terms of a color that you love, we recommend creating a Pinterest board of dresses available in that color and fabric combination from a particular brand, and sharing with your bridesmaids to give them a chance to pick a style they love. By sending your bridesmaids to a specific brand and letting them try on every style available in your preferred color, you’ll know they’ll have the ability to select a silhouette they feel beautiful in - that you also like. When your bridesmaid is trying on dresses, have her snap photos to share with you - trust me, you’ll be able to tell which style is her favorite because she’ll be smiling in one shot more than all the others!

Bring in the experts - tap a wedding stylist.

If budget allows, there are amazing stylists who specialize in weddings; from helping brides choose the wedding gown of their dreams, to styling your entire bridal party. While they’re so helpful in terms of organizing appointments, they can also help make style suggestions that might not have come to mind.

In the end, remember a happy bridesmaid makes for a happy bride.

Our best advice is to settle on a particular color or mix of colors, and let your bridesmaids choose a silhouette that fits their personal style and makes them feel confident. One of the most important elements of a happy wedding day (and beautiful photos!) is when a bride feels completely relaxed, able to enjoy the moment, surrounded by positive energy. When your bridesmaids feel beautiful in looks that reflect their own personality and complement their figures, they’ll be happy and so will you. The best part? Their confidence will show through in the final images.

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