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Consider the in-between moments


The location of your wedding is one of the first details to hammer down when planning your Big Day. Once you get that out of the way, we can talk about how your pictures will fall into place, using your desired location to the fullest. I need to understand your environment in a broader sense that will encapsulate your entire day to get the best possible pictures for your wedding album.

There are endless moments to capture throughout the entire wedding day. A wedding is not just a 30 minute ceremony, a piece of grilled chicken for dinner and champagne on the dance floor. There are in-between moments full of suspense, nerves, excitement, love, elation and so much more.

You are surrounded by your closest friends and family for a day you will cherish the rest of your life. Your best friends treat you to room service while you get your makeup done, your grandma shares her words of wisdom while you put the finishing touches on your hair. These are the memories you will look back on for the rest of your life. They also hold raw emotion and anticipation making them some of the most precious images of the day.

So where will you be for these in-between moments? I’m talking about the entire environment, not just the reception site or length of the aisle. Where are you getting dressed? Do you have a spot in mind to say a few words to your parents before they give you away? Do you know where you’ll go to have some time to yourself when you need to catch a break from the chaos?

It’s a given that the Bridal Suite at the St. Regis is well worth it from an aesthetic perspective and same goes for an oceanfront suite with a balcony. Wherever you choose, keep your future wedding album in mind and make a choice that’s both comfortable and gorgeous.

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