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Instagram your wedding? Maybe not all of it


Today social media is part of our daily lives. Smartphones mean you get to Instagram every highlight of your life, and isn’t your wedding the ultimate highlight?

While you and your loved ones might want to capture every moment of your big day on an iPhone, we recommend banning phones from your ceremony. Let people enjoy this part without their phones and yes it’s possible! (When at celebrity weddings for example, usually not one person has their distraction device out). Plus, everyone holding up their Samsungs, iPhones and (god forbid) iPad Pros surely mucks up photos of you at your ceremony. So declare parts of your wedding (like your ceremony) social media free zones.

With everyone having a phone on them, chances are your guests will beat you to posting pictures of your wedding on social media. It’s the norm now to allow guests to post on your wedding day and then for you to wait for your professional photos to post yourself. Don’t worry, eventually these professional photos will outshine any blurry Instagrams.

We wanted to share a photo of a badly cluttered ceremony—but we couldn’t do that. Here’s a photo of a ceremony done right. We want lead by example.

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