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Mission Statement

Christian Oth

Every time I photograph and edit a shoot, I keep a running list of the good, the bad, the areas of improvement and whatever else I want to remember for later. This blog is a compilation of all my notes from over the years, raw and exposed for you to explore. I’m writing this blog so you can get to know me, learn about my perspective and understand my creative process. Think of it as an insider’s look at the wedding industry and current trends in the photography landscape. Most of all, I urge you to use this blog to see through my lens.

Each post has associated pictures that speak to the topic at hand so you can really get a feel for what I’m all about. Think of this as a contextualized portfolio. If you like what you see here, give me a call. If you don’t, go somewhere else. Everybody wins when we are on the same creative page.

I’ve separated this blog into two main sections: The Unposed Pose and The Whip. The Unposed Pose is a glance into how I capture and enhance your most candid moments into visual imagery you will cherish forever. It is a look into how I create those seemingly accidental shots, full of raw emotion and intimacy. By reading just a few posts, you will quickly learn that I photograph my brides with purpose and understanding of what elicits the strongest emotional response, while making the bride feel comfortable and looking natural at the same time.

The Whip is a place where we can explore new and emerging trends in the industry and their effects on the wedding process and business as a whole. Brides today certainly have increasingly more to consider when planning a wedding. Gone are the days where a bride’s biggest worry was choosing her dress. Now, she takes into account how her dress shows up on Instagram and wonders if she should Live Stream her ceremony for those who cannot attend in person. Technology in the wedding industry and photography world is an ever-changing landscape where we have to adapt accordingly, so I want to make sure we are exploring all sides of the topics at hand.

In addition, this blog will bring in ideas from all Christian Oth Studio photographers. We work together with a competitive edge ensuring we are best in class and raising industry standards with each wedding we shoot. We share notes, ideas, findings and expertise with each other. We emphasize creative collaboration, which ultimately shines through in all of our work, as you will see here.

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