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Turn off your distraction devices

Shawn Connell

Recently I shot a ceremony that was completely iPhone and camera free. As the hired photographer, it was ideal for shooting. Every single guest was able to witness the couple’s vows, while remaining in the moment. However, the reason it was iPhone free was because the Rabbi made an announcement that I hadn’t seen before. Before the procession, the Rabbi pulled out his own personal phone and asked guests to turn off their ‘distraction devices.’ Because the instruction came from a higher power—every guest abided by the direction.

You may want to have your Rabbi, Priest or Officiant make an announcement similar to this at your ceremony. This will help bring your ceremony back to basics and help maintain the sanctity of the event. Remember, the ceremony is a rite of passage that your parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents have been through. In order to value the magnitude of the event, guests should be fully in the moment. Even I was a guest at one of our photographer’s weddings and it was very hard to not whip out the iPhone. So I feel the pain—but take all measures to ensure that guests’ keep their phones hidden away until cocktail hour!

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