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Posing Primer - give your body shape


We aren’t used to posing in front of a camera. In fact, most of us feel pretty awkward about having our pictures taken. Sure, we have some great selfie poses (or just one)

If you hire a great photographer, they will have a ton of tricks in their tool bag to get you looking your best. Something we see though at times is the subject standing square to the camera. That can look a bit unflattering if not photographed correctly.

Whether you’re a photographer or the subject this is a simple trick to get someone to look instantly better: GIVE YOUR BODY SHAPE

Start by putting more weight on one foot. Angle one knee ever-so-slightly and turn it in front of the other leg. Make your hip turn in the opposite direction as your knee. Practice this pose in front of a mirror and you will love what you see. Soon enough, your body will go into autopilot as soon as you see a camera or the back of someone’s smartphone.

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