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Should I do an engagement shoot?


Think of an engagement shoot as if it were a first date with your photographer. You have the opportunity to get to know his/her perspective and shooting-style, build rapport. In turn, your photographer will learn your better angles and what personality type you are. Think introvert/extrovert. Are you camera shy or used to the limelight?

On the wedding day a bride will spend more time with the photographer than the groom. It is beneficial to be comfortable with who you hire. At the very least the shoot is an opportunity to build rapport with each other.

There are certain natural poses that don’t feel posed. A little bit of instruction is still necessary to get the best angles out of you. For newbies or sometimes even seasoned actors there are always ways to improve the shot.

Shoots can happen anywhere. As we are New York based we have done many shoots around the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, on the cobblestone streets in Tribeca or Dumbo.It’s not unusual for us to fly to a tropical island to meet a couple on a weekend getaway for some beach scenery, or if you fancy Paris—we’ll fly there too.

The most important thing is to do it with the photographer that will shoot your wedding. At the very least you will have some stunning photos of both of you!

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