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Stay in control of your visuals

Glen Allsop

Staying in control of the public visual narrative of your wedding day is a topic I want to explore as it is coming up more and more in the iPhone era. Weddings are a newsworthy occasion for the couple, their families and friends. Understandably so, many people want to remember every last detail which is precisely why the couple has hired a photography team.

Today, people instinctively post pictures of the bride without even thinking twice. Guests feel a sense of pride to be with the happy couple on one of the most special days of their life while never once considering the consequences of their actions. And seemingly everyone else is doing it too, so it must be okay to document someone else’s wedding, right? Wrong.

While the bride is busy celebrating with family and friends, she shouldn’t have to worry about others posting pictures of her dress before she gets the chance. We all know how special “The Dress” is and the emphasis that surrounds the surprise factor for not just the groom but all of the wedding guests.

Having said that, we’ve seen bridesmaids who post pictures of the bride getting ready, which potentially ruins the entire First Look moment between the bride and groom. Under no circumstances should the First Look be tarnished by negligent social media practices, all of which can be avoided by just not posting.

Even more, brides can ask their guests to not take pictures at all, which is an increasingly common request in weddings today, and for good reason. Brides spend months bringing their dream wedding to life, carefully selecting each and every detail and that should also include some level of decorum form her guests if she so pleases.

By now, you should be convinced that you will have an iPhone-free wedding. Next up is the challenge of telling your guests about your policy.

This can be done many ways that are both tasteful and authoritative. Consider writing a note in the program and having the officiant make an announcement at the start of the ceremony. Perhaps have a sign outside for guests to see when they walk in, too.

Now that you have set the tone for how you want to share the pictures of your wedding, it’s time to relax and enjoy the best day of your life.

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