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Energy: the most important ingredient


Alright, this is very important!

A wedding is a highly anticipated, milestone event. It marks the culmination of everything you’ve hoped for from your single days. You’ve found the right partner, lover and the person you’ll share your life with. This is the person that your heart has selected, the one who adores you and the one you’re head-over-heels for.

A wedding day is filled with all of these strong emotions and feelings and more! You’ll feel elation that your wedding day has finally come and you’ll be able to step out as one in front of your family and friends. You’ll be able to change your Facebook status to “married” and honeymoon soon after. This wedding is a huge event in your life!

Since weddings are such a major celebration, they’re always filled with a great, elevated energy. This energy is also very important in your photography coverage. Your photographer will be able to see it, feel it and will add to the energy – not stray away from it. Our style here at the studio is all about that organic and authentic coverage. We won't stop you in your tracks to give us a solid pose for 20 minutes, instead we'll get a great organic pose that you'll naturally do anyhow

What I want you to do is to live in the moment. Taste it, revel in it and have all the joy of it. It is the ultimate highlight in your life to date (Well, other than the day you were born, but I’m sure you don’t remember it). As you radiate happiness, you’ll see better pictures! I can’t see this any other way.

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