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The Rule of Thirds


Welcome to my series of photography tips. This series is made for all photographers of all levels.

I’m kicking it off with an essential trick of the trade: The Rule of Thirds.

This basic rule of photography is the key to deciding where to place the subject in your image, and greatly enhances the look of your photo’s composition.

So, how does the rule of thirds work? First, imagine your photo is divided into nine equal segments*. Once you have visualized your grid, you can decide where you want to put your subject. You want to align your subject - the focal point of your image - to one of the intersections of that grid. Whatever you decide, the rule of thirds says do not put your subject in the middle. *Pro tip: a lot of cameras today have a grid overlay that can act as a visual aid to help guide you.

Sometimes, the point of interest in a photo, or the dominant point of focus in a photo, is not the subject as a whole, but a part of that subject.

Remember, for the highest quality image, be sure to get the right exposure and composition when you’re taking your photo. You want to do as little in post as possible.

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