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The Unposed Pose



The UNPOSED POSE is the combination of all the thought, planning, preparation and creativity that goes into each of my shots. It is part technique and part creative style. It is everything I employ to make your seemingly candid moments come to life, even as a still image. I strive to create and capture visual imagery full of raw emotion and intimacy. While doing so, I continually make sure each bride feels comfortable and appears as her best self at all times. The Unposed Pose is a look into what makes my work recognizable and distinguished.

There are endless ways to capture the emotion, energy and excitement that comes with the wedding process, which is where my creativity plays a part. As you see these shots and wonder how the wind was just right, as her veil blows wistfully behind her and the sun radiates perfectly off her dress, know that each element was carried out with purpose and intent. Every seemingly accidental moment was fully intentional.

Each couple has their own dynamic that defines their love and this is certainly true off-camera. By working with the bride and groom leading up to the Big Day, I ensure that everyone is comfortable being themselves in front of the camera too. With a visually pleasing, emotionally stimulating and creative approach, I ensure that the couple’s unique nuances are the forefront of each shot.


The in-between moments - getting ready with her bridesmaids, phoning her to-be husband to tell him she loves him, the one last kiss before a father sends his daughter to the alter all are the essence of what makes weddings so powerful. For me, I see these moments as opportunities to step in, enhance and capture forever creating what I call the UNPOSED POSE.


- Christian Oth

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