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Tying it All Together

Christian Oth

The last entry of our five-part series highlighting the creative series helps you tie it all together. It’s always best when there’s someone in charge of the event, whose main focus is tying the entire vision together. It’s usually the planner who overlooks the visual elements ahead of time, making sure that the design element and photography work in tandem. Since communication between the professionals is key—the planner arranges all of these behind-the-scenes conversations, without troubling the couple. An example would be the important meeting between the lighting designer and photographer. Sometimes the lighting is great to the naked eye, but in photography the concentration might be too high of a contrast.

It’s also crucial to understand the importance of a great timeline! This timeline can help guarantee that the visual elements work together, especially for the photography. Collaboration is the key to tying an event together, but often works best when there’s a planner overlooking it. Think of a wedding like a movie set. There are many different creative elements — but only one director who runs the show.

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