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Visual Building Blocks


When approaching a wedding, we sometimes start with the couple’s inspiration board. This gives us a sense of what the couple is looking for and allows us to provide feedback from a photographer’s perspective. The couple remains in charge of what their wedding will look like and the event remains a representation of who they are as a couple. However, during the planning process, there may be opportunities for us to offer other creative suggestions. Maybe it’s a vintage car that would be a great compliment to the venue or helping the bride select her getting-ready suite (It’s astonishing how bad some getting-ready suites can be.) We can also offer suggestions about the timing of the day. The timeline of the wedding day is very important and should not be overlooked. A majority of this discussion will happen with the planner more so than the couple—but photography is a huge part of the visuals and should be allocated enough time.

We find that when given the opportunity to give the couple feedback regarding the visuals, the photos are enhanced from the beginning. It sets everything up for success.

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