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Wedding Day Transportation


Even if your ceremony and reception are being held at the same location, we highly recommended you still have some sort of wedding transportation. Sometimes couples have a car that only goes around the block just to get great photos! Photos inside and outside of the car say you’re going somewhere. So yes, we say you should have wedding transportation even if you aren’t going far.

And when it comes to transportation, you have a lot of options. The tried and true, white Rolls-Royce is always a nice choice and if it has a sunroof—even better. A Maybach or a Mercedes may be a more current option as well. You could also go for a vintage muscle car or a checkered cab. The point is to do something fun. A convertible can be great too. To get the picture of you in the convertible, the photographer will most likely be in another car, like a truck, to shoot from a higher vantage point to get the perfect photo.

Definitely don’t call a Toyota Camry or Uber for your transportation, and save the stretch limos for prom. Party buses aren’t great visuals either. They’re good for an all-night party, but they don’t photograph well for your wedding. If you really want one, get one for your wedding party and your mode of transportation shall be your creative choice.

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