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Wedding Protocol in the midst of Covid


What are the recommended protocols for weddings that are moving forward during COVID 19?

Understandably, this has been one of our most asked questions lately so we’re taking a moment to share our experience with you here.

We’ll start by saying, we really had to figure things out in 2020. It was all so unprecedented. A lot of our clients postponed their weddings, first to the fall of 2020 and now altogether to 2021.

However, a good number of our clients chose to proceed with their wedding —along with the necessary health protocols in place, of course.

Here’s what we saw that made their wedding day possible. It should also serve as a great reference should you choose to do the same.

   1. Get everyone tested. A few of our clients hired a COVID testing team to get everyone an Antigen test. Trust us, this made everyone a lot more comfortable, especially as we discovered there were a few people at each wedding that had to be turned away because they tested positive.

   2. Have a smaller wedding and make sure as much as possible of it is outdoors. With it being winter in the Northern Hemisphere right now, we know that’s not ideal but it may be the thing that enables your wedding day to happen. Plan to have lots of heaters and encourage your guests to dress warm!

   3. Make mask-wearing mandatory unless guests are adequately distanced or seated.

   4. Use longer tables with fewer guests. Seat couples next to each other, then 6 ft and then another couple. No mingling.

   5. Communicate your protocol beforehand and be firm in your messaging that there will be no exceptions. A great way to do this is through an insert included with your invite as well as outlined on your wedding website.

   6. As important as all your friends are to you, keep your bridal party small. Really small! 22 bridesmaids and 18 groomsmen is a thing of 2019!

  7. Stay local so you and your guests can avoid the further risks associated with travel.

   8. Live stream your wedding so more people can be part of it with you. Plus, it will serve as a bonus to have the full ceremony and reception documented!

   9. Have at it, make your wedding day fun and beautiful, but keep it intimate. Small doesn’t mean any less meaningful! You can always plan for the big bash in 2021 and then truly celebrate with a crowd. Dare we say, mosh-pit anyone?

Relatively common sense stuff, isn’t it? We understand that this may work great for some but not for others. All of us at the studio feel so much for our couples that have been forced to postpone their wedding.

Here’s to normal times that are hopefully just around the corner where we can all celebrate together once again.

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