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7 tips for a short engagement period

Andrew Kelly

We’re seeing many of our couples opt for shorter engagements. This means that the population has either gotten more decisive or fear Armageddon in our current political state.

First off a congratulatory note – you know what you want and who you want. You don’t like to dwell on a decision and your decisive. Whatever your reason for having a shorter engagement—you can still plan a wedding. It’s doable.

Tip #1: Hire a kick-ass planner. If you want to plan a wedding in 4 months or less – make sure you hire the most competent, ultra-connected planner. They’ll be in the know and will see your vision through.

Tip #2: Work with your planner to book other vendors ASAP. Do your research, listen to your planner and pull the trigger. You don’t have time to dwell on your decisions. See Harper’s Bazaar’s list of top wedding planners here.

Tip #3: Regarding venues, be understanding. You’re probably not going to get The Plaza or the Borgo Egnazia on a Saturday in June. You may have to think outside the box and select a venue that hasn’t been shot before.

Tip #4: Tackle the things that take the longest to produce right away. This means tackling to-dos like selecting your stationery and choosing your dress.

Tip #5: Speaking of the dress, couture dresses can take up to 6 months to produce. You may fall short on your options. However, on the flip side of things – there are more dress designers and options than ever before!

Tip #6: Book your engagement session right away. You’ll need professional photos for a wedding website!

Tip #7: For practical reasons with your wedding guests, be understanding. By the time you select a date, guests’ calendars may already be filled-up in traditionally busy months. But don’t fret—your nearest and dearest will be there!

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