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What should I wear for an engagement shoot?


There’s no doubt you will be dressed to the nines on your wedding today, but how much thought are we putting towards the wardrobe selection for the engagement shoot? Here is a post where I drive home the point, there is a photographer in the room.

What exactly will you be wearing? I suggest taking the time to go out to find the perfect outfit that you will look and feel great in. Nothing builds confidence like that. When it comes to shopping for the right piece, casual chic is the answer. What would you wear on a Friday night out to a nice restaurant? Most women don’t have the problem with getting dolled up or sometimes it’s the men who don’t. Regardless, be sure to compliment each other. Heels for instance are an essential for the woman while the man should wear a sport coat to complete the look. For a more casual, outdoorsy look, layers are key and I will touch on that note later. Bottomline, dress for the location and season if it’s outside especially. Dress in timeless pieces as you would on your wedding day. Take Caroline and Kris for example who dressed chic for the city and classic for Southhampton.

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