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What to wear when you’re getting ready

Before the wedding ceremony, remember there’s a photographer in the room while the beautification takes place. Want to know how to take those getting-ready photos from a one to a five star rating? Don’t wear the old t-shirt & shorts combo. Instead wear a classy, silk robe to make you feel and look your best. This applies to everyone getting glammed up in the suite—even the bridesmaids. As a matter of fact, monogrammed Kimono style robes are the perfect gift the morning-of the wedding and will be used for years to come. You could go one step further and gift robes that compliment the colors of the bridal suite (like the photo of Pretty Plum Sugar robes below). As a photographer, I love the excitement and mood of a suite while capturing getting-ready shots. Nothing’s as special as a bride who has curlers in her hair while she applies a splash of color to her lips. However, when someone is improperly dressed and turns into a black blob in the background of my creamy, white frame of the camera – the photo can be ruined. You don’t want this to happen to you!

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