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When it rains on the wedding day



Yes, it rains. Even on the Big Day.

I’ve seen it happen too many times to count, where the slightest chance of precipitation sends even the calmest bride into a tailspin. But when you think about it from an artistic standpoint, a rainy backdrop can be a unique, natural aspect of your wedding photography.

Brides have a tendency to avoid the rain at all costs on their Big Day, but why not reconsider if you find yourself amidst some showers? Think of it as an aesthetic blessing in disguise.

Add a touch of old-school glamour with umbrella handlers flanking your embrace…

Perhaps a bit of drama from droplets forming on your window as the limo pulls up to the ceremony…

Or the contrast of the rigid parasol against your sweeping gown for distinguished variance.

No matter the weather, the show must go on. Embrace it. I know I will. So use the dreary scenery to make your love shine brighter. Stand out amongst the clouds with a sparkle in your eye representative of why you’re here in the first place. Quite the metaphor, right?

As they say, rain drops on your wedding day are tear drops saved.

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