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Where are you getting ready?

The hours I have the most time to be creative with the bride and her wedding party is during the getting ready session before the ceremony. This point is a valuable takeaway for you to consider when I ask, where will your photos be captured before your wedding ceremony? Will you be in the Bridal or Presidential suite of a hotel or will you be in your Manhattan studio apartment? There are a wide range of environments to get ready in but please do have a room that meets the following criteria: - There is architectural detail with chic furniture to compliment the setting. - There are tall windows and/or skylights to give natural daylight to have bright lighting and composition. - The interior color of the room has a bright appearance for you. Let the men have the dark wood panel rooms because it is masculine and goes well with tuxedos and scotch. - There is enough room to hold you and the bridal party without being overcrowded for pictures. - An uncluttered room. You may want to get ready at your parents home if you choose and the room you’re getting ready at meets the above criteria. Please do not get ready in a gym or in that modernized in 1972 side room in your church, or the windowless room that your venue may provide. My point is, that this is something to plan ahead for. There will be a photographer in the room and you will want to the room to compliment the beauty of you on the day of your wedding.

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