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Who gets dressed first?


This is important.

And it is something that isn't thought about a lot, but makes a huge difference!

When you’re working on your wedding day timeline, who should be getting ready first? The bride or the bridesmaids? Even though the bride is the wedding day VIP—the bridesmaids should be ready first. Why you ask? For the photos of course!

Think about it this way. When you fly, you watch the safety video that includes the counter-intuitive instruction that you put the oxygen mask on first before putting one on a child. You know you have to do that, but it isn’t obvious, right? It’s the same for the wedding day getting-ready process. You do not want photos of yourself slipping into a couture bridal gown, surrounded by bridesmaids in streetwear without hair and makeup. So anyone in the getting-ready suite should be finished with hair and makeup and dressed before the bride. It creates better photo opportunities.

Another option might be to consider matching robes for the bridesmaids, which is perfectly fine too.

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