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The Album Design Process

An album can be produced within two months with your active participation and feedback. This is the ideal timeline as it will get the album into your home to show and bring back the wonderful memories you shared with loved ones and friends. There are six steps to the process. Set Up a Consultation
Step 1
The Consultation
You will be presented with the various album options. Different types of albums, orientations and sizes of albums will be selected. Cover choices and layout options are also discussed.
Step 2
The Design Rounds
It is time to begin the design process!  Our team will design the initial album within 3-5 days. Our web portal makes it easy to comment and give constructive feedback. The ultimate goal is for you to love and approve the album design.  Approximately 50 percent of our clientele want to make only minimal changes.
Step 3
Final Approval of Design
Once we receive final approval from you, you will receive an email confirming the specs and summarizing the order to be approved as soon as possible.
Step 4
The Production Stage
This is where we shine at the studio with our level one and level two retouching service.  You will be sent the final updated link at this time to your wedding album that includes the retouched photos.
Step 5
Print & Bind
Following your final approval, we do another pass at preparing the photos for print and send them to the album binder. While working closely with our album binder, there are several quality check points in place at this time.
Step 6
The Album Finally Arrives!
Christian Oth Studio will do the final quality check. Once approved, your wedding album is delivered to your home.


You are the proud owner of your own wedding album. Everyone will be impressed by how quickly you got it done, while your friends who were married 5 years ago are still in design rounds with their photographer. You are so on top of it! Schedule a Consultation

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