Christian Oth Studio Testimonials - Carlye <br />
& Ben - Weylin B. Seymour's, Brooklyn, New York

& Ben

Weylin B. Seymour's, Brooklyn, New York

My husband and I are a far and awkward cry from photogenic, yet every photograph you all have taken of us is nothing short of perfection. I have no idea how Christian made us feel so comfortable and look so completely like ourselves in such a formal setting, but we couldn’t be more impressed or thrilled with the outcome. From portraits with our weird tchotckes at home to behind-the-counter shots at Katz’s, the memories of my wedding and the incredible images Christian Oth Studio have taken of us are inextricably one. We are so honored to know your unparalleled talent and call you all friends.

If you’re considering hiring Christian Oth Studio, do it. Rob a bank, if you have to. Sell your eggs. Have your wedding in a back alley — hiring Christian is absolutely worth it, especially because you know he’d make a back alley ceremony look so good.

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