Nine Cakes

New York

Nine Cakes is a boutique cake studio in Brooklyn, New York specializing in decadently delicious cakes with elegant, handcrafted designs. Owner and chef Betsy Thorleifson founded Nine Cakes in 2008, and creates irresistible cakes to mark each milestone event in your life. Starting with well tested recipes, each cake is made entirely from scratch using fresh, all natural ingredients. The simple ingredients of butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and cream turn into the most glorious cake layers and fillings. With well balanced layers of flavors, a cloud like Italian meringue buttercream, nothing is overly sweet, and pure goodness sings through.

Cakes are the centerpieces of any special event, and Nine Cakes stands out with clean designs, modern silhouettes, and a twist of playful and romantic charm. Always striving for a handcrafted look, with an eye for detail and well balanced composition, Betsy loves to create cakes tailored to your event. When family and friends gather in celebration, they share food and traditions that bring them closer. They celebrate one another, new lives, new years, raise a glass, tell stories. And end with a little slice of sweetness to start the beginning of something new.

Visit the website | (347) 907-9632

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